Showings: Uferstudios Berlin 14 and 15 December

Graduation Piece

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In this Graduation Piece Mariana Nobre V. consolidates her research on collaboration in Solo/Dance/Authorship, looking for the zones of action in between the extremes of the solo genius artist and the potential violence of a forced horizontal collectivity. During this investigation she has been asking herself the question of how to build queer kinship structures of love and support through artistic processes? In order to answer this question she has been activating the dramaturgical potentials and choreographic tools of the party and the rave, building upon her clubbing experiences both as part of the crowd and the production team of events. Mariana understands these environments as performative settings that allow for the emergence of liminal actions, desires, alternative forms of care and modes of being which she has been bridging with the space of the theater, the black box and the white cube: not to blur their borders but to understand their differences and how to work through them.


Showings: Uferstudios Berlin, Rua das Gaivotas6 in CONCLAVE. Photos: Alipio Padilha

The Wormhole

The wormhole is a performance and concept developed during my studies at the MA SODA (Solo, Dance, Authorship) in HZT/UDK Berlin. During this period I have asked he following research question: Can dance and science fiction perform reverse brainwashing on the level of cellular memories and unconscious beliefs? Getting rid of princesses and the happily ever after bullshit? I hope so, I really do hope so... In this wormhole performers explore different ways of being on stage, thinking that artistic explorations have a direct impact on the way we can allow ourselves to coexist in the mess of our world and the mess of our minds. The audience is invited to play with the worms and beings which emerge during the journey through the Wormhole, not as a coercing participatory act but as a suggestion. The stage and set design go through a process of slow anarchy, whereby a clean empty space is subrepticisouly turned into carefully curated chaos. From lecture to installation and merging into an after party, the wormhole balances itself in between genres and modes of operating within the theatrical apparatus, enticing different modes of seeing and experiencing a journey whose destination point is an open ended equation.


UDK Rundgang Uferstudios Berlin, 2xMAL Festival Weltraum Munich, (Re)Union Festival Rua das Gaivotas6 Lisbon

The Wormhole Installation

A wormhole can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in spacetime. It could connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances such as a few meters, different universes, or different points in time. (in wikipedia)

This wormhole is a an ongoing project bringing together a mixture of  videos, plastic toys and a worm who navigates through space and time spreading bits and pieces of a broken performance. It began with an intestine inhabited by pinworms and developed into a practice of parasitizing the interstices of performative locations and gatherings where the worm invites itself into, echoing traces of that good old song:  “I'm a worm... I'm a weirdo...”


Venues: Traça Lisbon, Uferstudios Berlin


Installation work exploring the potential of doing solo dance work through collaboration through the generation of a real time installation format adapted site-speciafically to each venue and showcase. Work developed in the context of the SODA/HZT Masters program.

For further details read essay here.

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Showings: Göteburg Performance Festival Sweden;
Sur Sens Performance Festival Strasbourg

One Man Unit

ONE MAN UNIT is a hybrid of woman and sculpture, fully armed with consumer video and mobile projections in order to add another layer of images to our fictitious world. After dark the audience joins her on a quest to discover the narration within the trash bin of endless virtual footage streamed directly on walls, cars and the haptic body itself. Reality becomes a Holodeck, in which visual information is implemented only in order to lead to another, unreal experience. Concept: Paul Wiersbinski
Performance: Mariana Nobre V.
(password: omu)